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A little Gaurdbun stops you at the door. "Um, ma'am...I mean sir...I mean ma'am, uh....What is your buisness here?" He asks tediously. "Well, I could swear that visitors were allowed here." you say, and he quickly lets you by. "That's what Ms.'Tilly said, yes'm....I mean sir....I mean ma'am." He looks rather fulstered, but you go on. But what you see next be-dazzles you.


Lots of them! Every story that Swifftail Warren has told is in here, and Atilly invites all her guests to look through them all and see what they make of it. ;) Enjoy!

Stories to tell...memories to remember....

Green Capri Rendevous Scene.
A rather rough beginning for the Swifttails, that has no ending for a purpose. Take heed that it was late, and the storyteller was tired. ;)
Atilly's famous RedBun tale which partially never quite made it to the archives or the newsgroup.
The Summer Solstice
The coming of Winona Swifttail, and the creation of Swifttail Warren.
Stormy Skyes
The Legendary (maybe.. ;) coming of their long lost niece, Skye, daughter of the Late Creola Swifttail.
New Year's Party
The Infamous Swifttail Warren new year's party, or as it is better known, the merging of Summer Solstice and Stormy Skyes.

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