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Hello there, and welcome to the Swifttail Orphanage. It was started by me, Wynona Swifttail, because my family was murdered by an evil Fudd and Atilly's family took me in. Rather than get revenge on that Fudd, I am instead forming an orphanage for any Devilbunny kits that have no parents, due to Fudds or any other reason. If you are one of these who has lived alone but would like to stay in a fun, caring environment then email me at the address below. Anyway, this is just started but I will keep you all updated on our current enrollment. What is the average day like for an orphan at our school? Well, I am a firm believer that sleeping in is good so we get up at 9:30 am. The class starts at 10:00 and we have a wide variety of subjects. We have no teachers but Atilly and myself at the moment but we are willing to take anyone qualified. There is an hour-long lunch break and then classes resume until 4:00. We have various afternoon activities that the kits may participate in. On weekends we will go places. There is homework, but not a ridiculous amount.


    Founder and Principal: Wynona Swifttail
    Vice-Principal: Atilly Swifttail
    (none at the moment)


Hello there, please email all questions and comments to: selie22@hotmail.com My email is different than Atilly's, because of COURSE we are two different people... (grumblefluff) And if you don't believe me well then look at our writing style. Anyway, I promise I will get back to you ASAP -- within a day or two.

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