In her rage she slammed the romote controler against the wall which shut off her TV from the impact. Her purple eyes gleamed with hate for ABC as she accended down the staircase for a midnight (ok, ten o' clock!) snack which maybe, just maybe, would calm her urge to kill. She shuddered at the harrowing thought that there were four more *hours* of this crap that someone who'd had a LOT of time on their hands and enough money to persaude Stephen King to write the most awful Teleplay which had single handedly diagraced the most frightening movie of all time, and caused a TV black-out all over the country from unsatified viewers. Who is this harrowing menace? It could only be what we'd least expected....... The Shining And what horror does this TV movie create, only the fright of disgrace ^>fromthe original producers, the ABC producers, and the anguished, hell-bent buns..... REDBUN ~~~~******~~~~ part.1 Back in her room, Atilly picked up a book. She squinted at it, and dusted off it's worn cover. It was her favorite book of all time: The Shining. She smiled. It *did* used to scare her, but that was when.....when....she tried to shake the thought which at present had overcome her mind. She set the book back down again. Her thoughts had now to anger and away from sorrow. She thought back to when they had advertised the movie on TV that was going to be showing a week from Sunday. Happiness soared through her as she counted anxiously on her paws how many days she had to wait for it to come. She thought Sunday would never arrive! And when it did, she was all dallied up in the living room with her popcorn and soda and blanket at exactly 7:59. Then for two full hours she watched the incredibly hyped remake becoming more disappointed as the movie went on. Finally, after the first part was over, she was so full of rage that she stormed downstairs, and tried to calm her fury. She looked at the bedroom clock. It was nearly 11:00! Frustrated,she climed into her bed, disappointed and angry, she tried not to think about it though. ~~~~******~~~~ Later that night Atilly woke up. Her eyes groggy with sleep, she climed out of bed and stood up. Her eyes traveled to the bedroom door, only to find that there *was* no bedroom door. Her eyes adjusting to the dark, she looked around. This wasn't her bedroom. This wasn't her house. This wasn't any place she knew. But it was so familiar. "Oh no!" she cried with frightened gasp,"No! this can't be!....." her face flushed white as she laid eyes on the sign in front of the building: OVERLOOK HOTEL. NO VACANCY......

REDBUN ~~~*****~~~ part 2. Atilly stared at the room in wonder. Then she heard laughing, a chant that seemed to echo throughout the room. Atilly braced the couch she was standing in front of to prepare herself. She wasn't afraid, for The Lordess (tm) could fight anything that crossed her path. Mustering up new courage, she wandered up the stairs slowly, and cautously. She soon came to a hall she looked at all the doors. they all had numbers on them that started with 200. She wandered down the hall counting out-loud. "211,213,215.."she chanted as she went the hall, and then stopped when she found what she was looking for. Room 217. In the legendary Overlook, this room was haunted. Standing on her tiptoes, she peered throught the peek hole. "huh!" she snorted, "nothing, absolutly nothing." then she proceeded to open the door and walk inside. Her eyes narrowed as she steped gingerly across the room untill she reached the bathroom. Eyes opening wide, she gasped at the wet footprints that led into the tub accross the floor. She ran out of the room with the voices trailing behind her, laughing and screeching. She ran down the stairs in a flourish untill she reached the very bottom, and only then did she stop to catch her breath. She sat down on the steps and looked around the room. Some strange things weren't just about going to frighten her that easy. Then she heard a faint voice coming ^>froman office. "Mariel....." it echoed throught the room. She turned in horror, and followed the voice to the radio in the office. "Mariel..?" She recognized that voice, but.....unless.... "Creola! it can't be! you'''re DEAD!" The voice responded back: "Death doesn't mean much in the Overlook, Mariel, don't you understand that?" But Atilly didn't respond.

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