Welcome    to    Swifftail    Warren!

Welcome, Symps and DB's! You have reched a remote group up in the mountains composed of the Swifftail clan. We are a peaceful warren, being so busy with our orphanage, but what warren doesn't have a warrior? I am Atilly the Bun, head of Swifftail warren. Together, Wynona and I have established quite a facility here, and you are welcome to explore it.

You are bun number to visit Swifftail Warren!

Visitor    Center

Hi! Welcome to the Visitor center! Here at Swifftail Warren, there is a lot of things to see and do, and we welcome you to explore it all, first, you may want to go to Swifftail Orphanage
which is a great place to visit all of the *KyOOT* kits. You can also do some family research and find a collection of stories and family member descriptions in our The Library
Why not go and talk to other travelers in Swifftail Warren Chat?
You can also stay right here and sign our guestbook! We love hearing from travelers! You can also mail me, my address is below.

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